Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Motor fuel from vegetables, not the Middle East

... So Cascio, a 50-year-old homebuilder, has gone cold turkey. For more than five years, he has avoided the gas pump and instead uses a form of vegetable oil in his pickup truck, station wagon, lawn tractor and the generator that powers his electric drills and saws. More...

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Propel Fuels Site Launchb

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Artcles from The Foundation for the Defense of Democracy

Left and right, hawks and doves. Alternative energy and biodiesel benefit everyone, and should not be framed as exclusively a green issue. Notes on security and political stability:

1. On Nov. 12, Columbia University will be given an opportunity to make history. At the Columbia University Advisory Committee on Socially Responsible Investing community hearing, the committee can decide to recommend that the University divest its holdings in two of the largest corporations in the oil industry, ChevronTexaco and ExxonMobil, and instead invest in the construction of an extensive facility for the study of alternative energy production and storage in the potential Manhattanville campus. MORE

2. In World War II, it was mostly up to Americans to fund the Allied war effort. Imagine if we had been obliged to fund the Axis effort, too. Actually, that shouldn't be hard to imagine because right now we are indeed funding both sides in the War on Terrorism. We finance the defense of the Free World against its sworn enemies through our tax dollars. And we support the terrorists every time we go to a gas station and fill up the tanks of our cars. MORE

3. Some 4,000 tankers carry 60 percent of the world's oil on the high seas. And while much has been done to improve maritime security since Sept. 11, the sea remains relatively unpoliced. Terrorists are well aware that an oil market with little wiggle room offers an ideal target for undermining the world economy. Oil supplies are, in the words of Al Qaeda, "the provision line and the feeding to the artery of the life of the crusader nation." MORE

4. "Energy is a key component of this war; we simply must reduce our reliance on Middle East petroleum, on oil produced by vulnerable autocracies and pathological predators." MORE

5. The wealth produced by oil underlies the power of the three totalitarian movements in the Middle East that have chosen to make war on us: the ruling Iraqi Baathists and Iranian mullahs, and al Qaeda, the latter spawned by Saudi money. MORE

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Former CIA Director favors biofuels for national security

James Woolsey is a firm believer in alternatives fuels, especially those derived from biomass
or plant matter, as a means of reducing America's dependence on imported oil. He calculates
that the nation could eventually replace two-thirds of its current oil consumption, most of
which is used in transportation, with a combination of biomass fuels and hybrid-electric
vehicle systems. Full interview in PDF format

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Biofuels Become Minnesota Bragging Right

Currently, three new biodiesel production facilities are under construction in Minnesota. When the facilities are operational they should produce more than 50 million gallons of fuel.
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Monday, January 10, 2005

H2: The Giant Red Herring?

The harder we look, the further away the promise of "The Hydrogen Economy." In fact, the H2 future, as supported by Detroit big auto and Big Oil, seems to be a pr red herring in place to keep control in the hands of current corporate energy barons. Considering big oil and Detroit have done little or nothing to support US energy independence, this should come as no surprise.

Physics Today posts a fine article explaining the tremendous hurdles facing the theoretical "H2 future." Of course, biofuels, particularly biodiesel, are ready for prime time, right now. You do the math.

Link: Physics Today Article

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Biodiesel: Growing A New Energy Economy

Finally, the book we've been looking for. Greg Pahl's new biodiesel book offers a comprehensive review of all things veggie oil powered. From the history of the diesel engine to the developemnt of the biodiesel industry, past current and future. This is the ultimate primer.

Buy it!